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bird in (one's) bosom

obsolete An oath of faith, servitude, piety, or conscience that is kept guarded in one's heart, mind, and spirit. Truly, my lord, I am at your service and loyal to your name, and I shall guard the bird in my bosom till my last breath.
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company manners

Exceptional manners; those that are preferred or required in and among polite society. One must at all times exhibit company manners if one is to make a good impression among the more influential members of society.
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company manners

One's best behavior, as in George never interrupts when we have guests; he has fine company manners. This term employs company in the sense of "guests." An older variant, Tell me thy company and I'll tell thee thy manners, uses company in the sense of "companions." The current term implies that one is more mindful of politeness with invited guests.
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He's the core, the foundation of what Veterans Day is all about,'' Thies says.
The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Mark Thies, SVP & CFO of Black Hills (NYSE:BKH), in which he talks at length about the company's future.
According to Thies, "The Alzheimer research being presented ranges from basic science and cellular studies to sophisticated technology with the potential to accelerate the pace and sharpen the focus of Alzheimer research.
Additional research, including longer and larger prevention trials, is necessary to better understand the relationship between high blood pressure and Alzheimer's disease, according to Thies.
At the close of business Tuesday, the company's President, Dick Pearce, announced that the company had reached an agreement with Thies Distributing of Palm Beach, Florida, to begin distributing the company's products later this month.
E[acute accent]The keyword research workshops will consist of in-depth training in a small-class setting with keyword guru Thies readily accessible for informal one-on-one or small-group discussions.