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(something), thy name is (someone or something)

A phrase used to show how much a specific characteristic is embodied or displayed by someone or something. Derived from a line in Shakespeare's Hamlet, "Frailty, thy name is woman!" Gah, I just hate that guy. Arrogance, thy name is Daniel! A: "I feel like social media has been one of the biggest catalysts of social disintegration." B: "I hear you. Evil, thy name is SpaceBook!" Honey, can you please help your old Grandma here with her phone? When you're over 70, frustration, thy name is technology!
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beggar thy neighbor

Referring to an economic policy that seeks to improve domestic economic conditions at the expense of other countries. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. Yes, but putting these high tariffs on imports would only address our country's economic depression in a beggar-thy-neighbor sort of way.
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bird in (one's) bosom

obsolete An oath of faith, servitude, piety, or conscience that is kept guarded in one's heart, mind, and spirit. Truly, my lord, I am at your service and loyal to your name, and I shall guard the bird in my bosom till my last breath.
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company manners

Exceptional manners; those that are preferred or required in and among polite society. One must at all times exhibit company manners if one is to make a good impression among the more influential members of society.
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kingdom come

1. The end of time. Although you don't have to pay for medical care in this country, you'll sometimes be waiting until kingdom come to receive elective treatment. My wife and her sister will talk on the phone until kingdom come if nothing interrupts them!
2. Heaven; the afterlife. The phrase is taken from the Lord's Prayer; often used humorously. You all need to be very careful not to blow us to kingdom come while doing this experiment in the lab.
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company manners

One's best behavior, as in George never interrupts when we have guests; he has fine company manners. This term employs company in the sense of "guests." An older variant, Tell me thy company and I'll tell thee thy manners, uses company in the sense of "companions." The current term implies that one is more mindful of politeness with invited guests.
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