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Even as racism continue to rear its ugly head around the world, the 'Club' fixture in England is more important than those who wear the colors (or their own color) and therein lies the rub.
And therein lies the rub - it is policymakers' decisions that will be key.
It's also one we rarely hear, and therein lies the rub.
And therein lies the rub, because the government rarely knows what it wants with sufficient specificity to support reasonable fixed prices for evolving, complex or sophisticated products to be delivered years later.
At this writing, at least 700 000 leva has been donated through separate fund-raising campaigns; but therein lies the rub, the fact that the fund-raising campaigns are separate.
And therein lies the rub -- a lot of Airbnb listings advertise entire apartments, rather than individual rooms.
Export growth to China has become a linchpin of Chile's economic growth; therein lies the rub.
And therein lies the rub of Bryant, and his value to the team.
How to make the change--well, therein lies the rub.
Therein lies the rub for the impressive Roberto Martinez, who faces the hardest challenge of his fledgling career come January.
At least Rubin has the grace to concede that "the details of Chaum's scheme are too complex and technical to list here, and therein lies the rub.
And therein lies the rub on all such cross-cultural issues as the veil for all Western nations.
And therein lies the rub, if you will--I think people who are not in the know think that being called "butch" or "femme" means a whole host of things that aren't necessarily implied: that one is the man and one is the woman, that one is sexually aggressive and one is sexually passive, that the "femme" really wants a man but has instead found a manly person who isn't an asshole to her, that the "butch" wants to be a man but has only a detachable penis to work with.
l would suggest that therein lies the rub and the real reason why Spar sales remain robust at a time when the major multiples are targeting the convenience sector as a major area for growth.
Therein lies the rub of associating fibromyalgia and trauma.