There is nothing new under the sun

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there's nothing new under the sun

There is nothing in the world that has not already happened, been seen, or been created; things exist now as they always have. Sometimes used for hyperbolic effect. Another war has broken out, and people continue to kill one another for land and ideology. There's nothing new under the sun. A: "Man, that action film had no relatable characters and a plot so thin that I can't even remember what it was about." B: "Yep, it was a standard action film, all right—there's nothing new under the sun."
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There is nothing new under the sun.

Prov. Everything that is happening now has happened before. (Biblical.) Jill: The newspaper today is shocking. Three prominent politicians have been convicted of fraud. Jane: That's not shocking. It only proves that there's nothing new under the sun.
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Blocks Security Council Censure of Israeli Settlements", NYT Friday 18 February, I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.
"There is nothing new under the sun,' said Koheleth, an ancient Hebrew monologuist (Ecclesiastes 1:9).
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