a/the tipping point

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a/the ˈtipping point

the point at which, after a series of small changes, something reaches a level where it begins to change dramatically or starts to have an important effect on something/somebody : We’re at a tipping point; if we spend just a bit more, we will get a large increase in productivity.
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67% expect that the tipping point for a new global economic movement will be seen by 2025 with more trips or journeys taken via car sharing than in private cars.
People were more likely to use small windfalls of cash to treat themselves, but the tipping point came at PS648, when most (51 per cent) people said they would rather save compared with 49 per cent who said they would spend, according to online savings bank GE Capital Direct.
For the players would the tipping point be another club coming in and offering more security, better wages and a proper home ground with a real atmosphere?
Clearly, tackling these technological barriers is an important aspect of getting to the tipping point.
The Tipping Point at The Sage brings the best of Roundhouse Rising to the North East for the first time with Mausi, Eliza and the Bear, Death At Sea and Amy Holford, pictured above.
Now when you ask me what would I think when I heard the word epidemic, I would include the Tipping Point, and the spread of social trends.
As stated above, the tipping point for the merge was the effort required to respond to NCATE and ELCC standards.
The three-day convention's theme was Approaching the Tipping Point and reflects the growth and development of the commercial real estate market finance worldwide and the need to expand CMSA's mission to serve industry participants, noted the incoming association President Kent Born.
The Tipping Point looks at how something that only a few people are thinking about one day--say, the iPod, or "dignity and respect" for gay people, or Brokeback Mountain--suddenly morphs into something it seems that everyone is embracing.
Books such as The Tipping Point, Freakonomics, The Wisdom of Crowds, Thinking in the Future Tense all bring additional information as we in education try to get a perspective on what is happening.
In his recent book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell writes about how little changes can have big effects.
We hope you will journey with us as the tipping point in Catholic education dawns.
A red-hot best-seller in 2000, The Tipping Point itself tipped, staying on The New York Times list for weeks and introducing this obscure medical jargon into everyday conversation.
In his best-selling book The Tipping Point, journalist Malcolm Gladwell explains why social change often happens quickly and unexpectedly, rather than slowly and incrementally as conventional wisdom would have it.
Our efforts have brought us close to the tipping point where sustained suppression of illegal crops and alternative employment incentives together will convince growers that further cultivation is a futile proposition.