the time of (one's) life

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the time of (one's) life

An extremely fun, exciting, or enjoyable time (doing something). I traveled to France for the first time last summer, and I had the time of my life! A: "Did the kids enjoy the circus?" B: "Oh, they had the time of their lives!"
See also: life, of, time

time of one's life

An extremely pleasurable experience; see under of one's life.
See also: life, of, time

the time of your life

a period or occasion of exceptional enjoyment.
See also: life, of, time

time of (one's) life

A highly pleasurable experience: We had the time of our lives at the beach.
See also: life, of, time
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And we wouldn't have had the time of our lives watching him trying to lift his brave and relentlessly optimistic partner Katya on Saturday night like an ageing sheep rustler trying to hoist a sack of lively lambs onto his shoulders.
Liverpool writer Jane is in the Sunday Times top 10 best selling authors, her novels include Bridesmaids, Girl on the Run and her latest book, The Time of Our Lives.
Jane says: "I'"I've been involved in some fabulous events to celebrate publication of The Time of Our Lives but this is the one I'm most looking forward to as it''s on my home turf in Merseyside.
Now I haven't seen every one of the Time of Our Lives football series, but I would bet the word maladroit does not appear in any of them.