the spitting image

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the spitting image of (one)

A person who looks exactly like or bears a very strong resemblance to one. Wow, you are just the spitting image of your mother! I was about to call you by her name. That guy over there looks like the spitting image of someone I went to high school with.
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the spitting image

If you say that one person is the spitting image of another, you mean that the first person looks exactly like the second. He is the spitting image of his father. Now Nina looks the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Note: People occasionally use the spit and image or the dead spit to mean the same thing. Six-month-old Caleb is the spit and image of his daddy. He was handsome — the dead spit of Tikhonov, the film actor. Note: The origin of this expression is uncertain, but it may have developed from `spirit and image'. If one person was the spirit and image of another, they were alike both in character and physical appearance.
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spitting image, the

An exact resemblance, usually said of parent and child or other close relatives. This term comes from the earlier spit and image, which, since spit meant “likeness,” was redundant. Nevertheless, it was widely used from the late nineteenth century on, and by the mid-twentieth century, probably through mispronunciation or misspelling, was converted to the current cliché.
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THE mother of missing Ben Needham has told how her heart stopped when she saw this image of her granddaughter - the spitting image of her son.
A Facebook user named Wilfredo Garrido wrote: 'Because Winnie the Pooh is banned in China because he's the spitting image of Xi Jinping, let's protest his presence by posting memes and photos of him with his (lookalike).'
But the first outing for these grotesque puppets (they weren't, admittedly, as grotesque as the Spitting Image creations) did more than enough to ensure I'd be back for more next week.
But before you write Newzoids off as the spitting image of, well, Spitting Image, this new show doesn't just use puppets, but also throws some state-of-the-art animation into the mix, as well as the voices of impressionists including Jon Culshaw and Debra Stephenson.
Bonhams sold the Spitting Image puppets of both Tony and Cherie Blair for pounds 12,600 in 2008 and Gordon Brown for pounds 4,800 in 2007.
The daughter of pop diva is the spitting image of her famous mother in the picture on the front of the magazine.
Van Morrison A statement announcing the new arrival said he was "the spitting image of his daddy".
6 What material were the Spitting Image puppets made of?
Diana is now interested in Rick, but he is the spitting image of Penny's dream boy.
But isn't ER's Shane West the spitting image of him?
ANDREW FLINTOFF is the spitting image of the bouncer at my local nightclub.
A HOUSEBOUND patient revealed yesterday how her doctor seduced her because she was the spitting image of his wife.
Terri is everything Marty could have wished for - a talented gymnast, an able assistant and the spitting image of Princess Diana - and a glittering professional future seems to beckon for them both.
The Spitting Image model of the late Edgbaston-born romantic fiction writer beat Madonna's latex double to pole position at auction yesterday.