the sooner the better

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the sooner the better

As soon as possible; right away. Please have compile a report of all our financials from the last two quarters, the sooner the better.
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sooner the better

The sooner something [referred to] gets done, the better things will be. Bob: When do you need this? Mary: The sooner the better. Bob: Please get the oil changed in the station wagon. The sooner the better. Alice: I'll do it today.
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sooner the better, the

As quickly or early as possible, as in As for stopping that check, the sooner the better. This idiom was first recorded in 1477.
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the ˌsooner the ˈbetter

very soon; as soon as possible: ‘When shall I tell him?’ ‘The sooner the better.’
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The sooner the better and I'm sure the British public will bury this shambolic politically-led idea for a European superstate for good.
Tony Blair must realise he has to recall the troops from Iraq and the sooner the better.
We still have a couple of weeks before the deadline but clearly, the sooner the better.
He is in Saudi Arabia'' Model Naomi Campbell ``Coming out as gay was a formality, something that needed to be said, the sooner the better.
It is time that there was a return to good written and spoken English, the sooner the better in my opinion.
The sooner the better but if it takes a little while I wouldn't be too bothered.
ROYAL Mail being privatised is a bad idea that should be dropped - and the sooner the better.
Bring back the Matron, the sooner the better, then the money might go to where it would be better used.
Plaid Cymru is 100pc correct in wanting to discuss issues from whatever source until such time that primary law-making and tax-varying powers are within their remit, the sooner the better.
Confidence is at a low ebb but history teaches us that Britain will come through this - hopefully the sooner the better.