long haul

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long haul

1. A difficult task that requires a lot of time and energy to complete. It's going to be a long haul before I have this car up and running. It needs a lot of work.
2. A long distance or journey. Jill knows that obtaining a PhD is going to be tough, but she said she's in it for the long haul. It's a long haul to Fresno, but if we take turns driving it shouldn't be so bad.
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long haul

1. A considerable distance over which something must travel or be carried. For example, It's a long haul from my house to yours. This usage dates from the late 1800s, as does the antonym, short haul, as in The movers charge just as much for a short haul as for a long one.
2. A considerable length of time, an extended period, as in This investment is one for the long haul. It is often put as over the long haul, as in Over the long haul we needn't worry about production. [c. 1930] Also see in the long run.
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a long haul

COMMON If you say a task or course of action will be a long haul, you mean that it will need a lot of time and effort. Note: A haul in the following expressions means a journey. Repairing the economy will be a long haul. The bank and its president face a long haul to rebuild their reputation. Note: If you say that you are in something for the long haul, you mean that you intend to continue doing it until it is finished. This project isn't a short-term thing. We're in it for the long haul.
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a long ˈhaul

(informal) a long and difficult task or journey: It was a long haul doing the degree part-time, but it was worth it.They started on the long haul back to the camp.
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I would like to see the long haul model move from the dream phase to the planning phase, and then to the implementation phase.
It means there will continue to be an inconsistency in the business class product, with a mix of the new business class on the long haul fleet, and the herringbone-style seating.
25 July 2012 a[euro]" British investment company Brainspark Plc (LON:BSP) said on Wednesday it had bought the Long Haul travel business of Italya[euro](tm)s Alba Tours Srl for EUR100,000 (USD121,200) in cash.
But the surprising combination of my apology, Gordon's forgiveness and our embrace, says to me that if, on all sides, we are committed to Jesus' words, we'll make it in the long haul.