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found that eyewitnesses to a crime who sleep before being given a lineup are much less likely to pick an innocent person out of a lineup - at least when the perpetrator is not in the lineup.
The Q-style and Q-smart features coupled with easy installation and hidden connections provide ability to the lineup to function with one remote.
3 m) in length, and contained refrigeration and electrical circuitry that was separate from the remaining 10 doors of the lineup.
16) However, researchers recommend that the lineup be administered by an individual that is not involved in the case.
OAKLAND -- Just over a week after saying his health was finally improving, Garret Anderson asked out of the lineup Friday.
Next, investigators select five plainclothes detectives to participate in the lineup with the subject.
This is especially important today as we learn more and more about the necessity of standardized instructions, clear and consistent records of eyewitnesses' identification decisions, and the need for photo-lineup procedures that guard against unintentional suggestion by the lineup administrator," said professor Wells.
Little wants to make sure Drew withstands the course of the season, even if it means weakening the lineup more times than he cares.
Unlike the other figures in the lineup, these characters have a highly stylized look and feel.
No matter what the lineup is, their aim is to keep the standard that high.
Incorporating greater play value than ever before, kids are sure to be thrilled with the fresh products that take the lineup to an entirely new dimension, including Morphers with a black light feature and the Mega Mission Helmet, which features online interactivity via a USB drive.
Rodriguez, the sport's most valuable ballplayer, is right in the middle of the lineup that U.
Vehicles, from the new Hovertek Cycles to the Transtek Armor Machines and collectible TransMax sets, remain key in the lineup.
In the clubhouse meeting before the first pitch, Campanella was reading his players the lineup - names like Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose, Orlando Cepeda, Johnny Bench - when he paused and looked up.
A new 35L floorplan also joins the Voyage and Sunrise lineup and features an optional king-size bed, bringing the lineup to four models for 2007.