the grape(s)

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the grape(s)

slang Wine. I must have had a little too much of the grape last night because I ended up falling asleep on the couch.
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n. champagne; wine. (see also berries.) No more of the grapes for me. It tickles my nose.
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(so I must now call my tent and my cave); but before I got thither the grapes were spoiled; the richness of the fruit and the weight of the juice having broken them and bruised them, they were good for little or nothing; as to the limes, they were good, but I could bring but a few.
However, as I found there was no laying them up on heaps, and no carrying them away in a sack, but that one way they would be destroyed, and the other way they would be crushed with their own weight, I took another course; for I gathered a large quantity of the grapes, and hung them trees, that they might cure and dry in the sun; and as for the limes and lemons, I carried as many back as I could well stand under.
The 3rd of August, I found the grapes I had hung up perfectly dried, and, indeed, were excellent good raisins of the sun; so I began to take them down from the trees, and it was very happy that I did so, for the rains which followed would have spoiled them, and I had lost the best part of my winter food; for I had above two hundred large bunches of them.
These men were not there to guard their possessions against strangers, but against each other; for strangers seldom visit Athens and the Piraeus, and when they do, they go in daylight, and can buy all the grapes they want for a trifle.
A pity that no ripe touch of this generous abundance could be given to the thin, hard, stony wine, which after all was made from the grapes!
The grapes were no other than gold coins which tinkled merrily as they swayed in the wind.
He began gathering the grape-leaves which screened the sun from the grapes, and won the heart of the gardener.
I'm going back into the office this fall after I get the grapes off."
'Tis said that when The hands of men Tamed this primeval wood, And hoary trees with groans of woe, Like warriors by an unknown foe, Were in their strength subdued, The virgin Earth Gave instant birth To springs that ne'er did flow That in the sun Did rivulets run, And all around rare flowers did blow The wild rose pale Perfumed the gale And the queenly lily adown the dale(Whom the sun and the dew And the winds did woo), With the gourd and the grape luxuriant grew.
All the steeps along that part of the river which furnish the proper exposure, are given up to the grape. That region is a great producer of Rhine wines.
Balochistan grows most of the grapes. However, with the efforts of local agriculture institutes, the province grew grapes at a larger scale last year in the warmer areas of Multan, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan.
This simple fix worked perfectly, allowing sun and air to reach the grapes while keeping out yellow jackets and other pests.
The successful eating of the grapes leads to a year of prosperity, according to Spanish tradition. 
Best of all, the grapes in this dessert require no prep -- no peeling or coring or slicing.