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I made another effort and tore the glove from the base of the thumb into the palm of the hand--and tried to hide the rent.
The whole after-guard of the glove "fetched away," as the sailors say, the fabric parted across the knuckles, and nothing was left but a melancholy ruin.
Now she rested her elbow on the cushion of the glove counter, and a pretty, pleasant young creature, delicate and deft of touch, drew a long-wristed "kid" over Mrs.
Cast my innocence into the scale,'' answered Rebecca, ``and the glove of silk shall outweigh the glove of iron.
He will he doth, most Reverend Father,'' said Malvoisin, slipping the glove under his own mantle.
At first Pierre wished to take another seat so as not to trouble the lady, and also to pick up the glove himself and to pass round the doctors who were not even in his way; but all at once he felt that this would not do, and that tonight he was a person obliged to perform some sort of awful rite which everyone expected of him, and that he was therefore bound to accept their services.
After accompanying Betsy to the outside hall, once more kissing her hand above the glove, at the point where the pulse beats, and murmuring to her such unseemly nonsense that she did not know whether to laugh or be angry, Stepan Arkadyevitch went to his sister.
Both men were being helped into the gloves by their seconds, and one of Ponta's seconds came over and examined the gloves before they went on Joe's hands.
The gentleman and the prize-fighter put on the gloves, and faced each other in the classically correct posture of pugilistic defense.
Due to these findings, it's recommended that surgical gloves should be changed every 90-150 minutes of use due to the risk of the glove barrier deterioration.
Powder may still be used in the glove manufacturing process, but the FDA continues to recommend that no more than 2 mg of residual powder per glove remains after the manufacturing process.
There were fewer unnoticed perforations in the glove perforation indication group than the standard surgical glove group (19% compared with 79%).
Ensuring the glove both protects the worker and the product is a delicate balance--but a critical one to ensure both worker safety and successful product outcomes.
If your gloves are too thick for shooting, get different ones, but never compromise the integrity of the glove.
As an additional benefit, the glove protects the mechanism against moisture and dirt.