last word

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*last word

 and *final word; *final say
Fig. the final point (in an argument); the final decision (in some matter). (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give some one ~.) The boss gets the last word in hiring. Why do you always have to have the final word in an argument?
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your/the last/final ˈword (on/about something)

your, etc. final decision or statement about something: ‘Will you take £900?’ ‘No, £1 000 and that’s my last word.’Is that your final word on the matter?
See also: final, last, word
References in classic literature ?
This is the final word of a ship's ended journey, the closing word of her toil and of her achievement.
Carriage to be at the door at two-thirty,' " said Lady Lundie, repeating the final words of the memorandum while she wrote them.
The Knitters had the final word as Brown curled a free-kick past the Worcester keeper with the final kick of the game.
The rate of pronunciation of the final word of the phrase has no differentiating power, neither between emotions nor between emotional and neutral speech.
This press release was issued on behalf of the Beziers Congres convention bureau by The Final Word, UK.
If the court agrees to hear the case, which is scheduled to be filed next week, its decision will be the final word on the constitutionality of Assembly Bill 1381, which was signed into law in September.
Wood said her group is currently weighting its options and does not consider the Landmarks ruling to be the final word in the dispute, since the Congregation still has to get community board approval before it proceeds with its building plans.
Yet marking the dead with the cross is a sign of hope, a proclamation that sickness and death no longer have the final word.
Paul Konerko had turned the game in the White Sox's favour with a four-run home run in the seventh and although the Astros levelled, Podsednik had the final word
There are several clubs interested, but I have the final word and that's what counts.
Maybe you thought you'd heard the final word from Brian McLaren, a pastor and leader in the "emergent church" movement.
He acknowledges that he and other scientists (whose work he refers to liberally) do not have the final word, but they are following intriguing clues.
State of Minnesota ruling is not the final word on the law.
We have to be the principal protagonist in resolving our debt problems, but the federal government as our biggest creditor has the final word," he says.
While Laura Davies made all the headlines here by appearing on the men's tour - but failing to make the cut - it was Londoner Davis who had the final word.