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get (one's) drift

To understand the meaning, insinuation, or implication of what someone is saying. All I'm saying is that I won't be very sad if she breaks up with her boyfriend, if you get my drift. A: "I want him 'taken care of'—he's become too much of a liability." B: "I think I get your drift."
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get someone's drift

Fig. to understand what someone is saying or implying. (Akin to if you get my drift.) I don't want to hear anymore about her or you. Do you get my drift?
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catch/get somebody’s/the drift

(informal) understand the general meaning of what somebody says or writes: Do you catch my drift?My German isn’t very good, but I got the drift of what he said.He wasn’t the sort of boy you’d introduce to your mother, if you get my drift (= I have not told you all the details, but I am sure you can understand what I mean).
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References in classic literature ?
Nearer still, following the drift, an iceberg rears its crags and pinnacles to the sky; here, glittering in the moonbeams; there, looming dim and ghost-like in the ashy light.
But ahead of them was a lane with houses on either side, so evidently the snow had been blown across the road and they had to drive through the drift.
This was the drift of re- mark; and the minister said, "It was a judgment; His hand is here.
The moon was so bright I could a counted the drift logs that went a-slipping along, black and still, hundreds of yards out from shore.
The fishermen and the millers stood staring in amazement at the two figures, so very different to all appearance from ordinary men, and were wholly unable to make out the drift of the observations and questions Don Quixote addressed to them; and coming to the conclusion that they were madmen, they left them and betook themselves, the millers to their mills, and the fishermen to their huts.
could not stride the drifts so well as I: her legs are not quite so long: so I must e'en leave you to your sorrows.
The height of the white waves massed against the garden-fence and along the wall of the church showed that the storm must have been going on all night, and that the drifts were likely to be heavy in the open.
DRIFITNG THE Drift Matsuri heads to Anglesey Circuit for the third consecutive year this weekend.
The judges will mainly evaluate the drift shows presented by the drivers in their cars, through the use of hand breaks and exertion of outstanding skills to take on turns in the most dazzling and accurate ways.
It is, it is growing year by year and we also have the Drift Academy here where I am a coach.
The drift event lays out an intricate and inviting prospect for drifters who will depend on their manoeuvring and control skills as they attempt to swerve and powerslide across the track in the least possible time.
But lately there has been some talk among fly-fishing folk that the drift boat might be just right for Florida bass fishing, too.
George and James were no different - when they knew there was no fuel for the fire, they would take a sack and a hammer and head for the drift mines, some of which were by the Tyne opposite Dunston Power Station.
A great selection of talent from the drift world will be competing on a track specially designed for the event by local driver Alan "Chubby" McCord.
the top 16 on my very first year competing on the Drift, so that was huge.