the boy next door

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the girl/boy next door

1. An ordinary person from typical circumstances, as opposed to someone with an elite or exceptional life. With the accessibility of technology now, the next billionaire could be the boy next door—you never know!
2. A (typically young) person with whom one is familiar, such as a neighbor (hence "next door"), or who exudes such familiarity, and who exemplifies a certain stereotype of wholesomeness, approachability, and well-roundedness, while perhaps being a source of latent romantic attraction due to a fondness resulting from such familiarity. Interpretations vary as to what exactly makes one fit this description. Mary was always the girl next door, but when I came home from college I realized I was in love with her.
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the boy next door


the girl next door

If you describe someone as the boy next door or the girl next door, you mean that they are pleasant and ordinary. He was dependable, straightforward, the boy next door. She was the girl next door type.
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the boy (or girl) next door

a person or the type of a person perceived as familiar, approachable, and dependable, typically in the context of a romantic partnership.
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1 because if the boy next door can do so well maybe I can too.
Now I was certain of my feelings for the boy next door.
But try going down the pub with the boy next door and you'll be ostracised for life.
And the boy next door type no longer gets a look in with the girls.
And when he befriends the boy next door, it causes no end of problems for Gordon.
SOPHIA Jordan was a heartbroken eight-year-old when she moved away from the boy next door.
Steve McManaman could be the boy next door yet there is nothing neighbourly about the way he treats defenders.
not be doing the best job of picking film scripts lately (let's face it, The Boy Next Door was never gonna trouble the Academy Awards judges was it?
JENNIFER Lopez may not be doing the best job of picking film scripts lately (let's face it, The Boy Next Door was never gonna trouble the Academy Awards judges was it?
40pm; The Bolshoi Live: Romeo And Juliet () Sun 3pm; The Book Of Life (U) Sat/Sun 10am; The Boy Next Door (15) Fri-Wed 4.
30pm Shaun The Sheep Movie (Autism Friendly Screening) (U): Sun 11am The Book Of Life (U): Sat 10am The Boy Next Door (15): Fri-Thu 1.
TM)] Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand on April 28, The Boy Next Door takes audiences behind the scenes with exclusive bonus content including deleted scenes, a filmmaker commentary and more.
Going from the boy next door to a sociopath, is no small feat for an actor of any age or experience," says Jennifer, whose big acting break came starring opposite George Clooney in the 1998 crime comedy Out Of Sight.
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