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the better of (someone or something)

Superiority, mastery, or an advantage over someone or something; control over someone or something. I know we could have beaten them in last week's game, but they just got the better of us from the get-go. I knew I shouldn't be meddling in other people's business, but my curiosity got the better of me.
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*better of someone

 and *the best of someone
triumph over someone. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Bill got the best of John in the boxing match. I tried to get the better of Tom in the golf match, but he won anyway.
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References in classic literature ?
Down at the end of the line towered the tall beggar-man, who must needs twang a bow-string with the best of them.
'We'll eat and drink of the best, and sleep our best, and make the best of it every way.
DUBAI: The best of Hollywood has gathered in Los Angeles, as the 91st Academy Awards, or just Oscars, have kicked off.
As we have for over a decade, the Awards aim to honour the best of the best within the Islamic finance industry.
The Best of Broad Street Awards, supported by the Birmingham Mail, recognises venues, individuals and teams that work in the Golden Mile.
CATHOLIC received the Best of Class Award for Graphic Design as well as Awards of Excellence for photography and periodical writing ("Testaments") and the Award of Merit for best in class, periodical.
The Marriott was the official hotel in 2004 for the Miss Universe pageant and it has been recognized several times as the best of the Marriott chain, Booms start at US$160.
During December & January chapters and regions came out to honor the best of agricultural communications.
The Best of Show--Advertising award in this region went to AdFarm and Dow AgroSciences for the Nexera Healthy Living entry.
This December, CPI Financial will be proud to host its 10th annual Awards ceremony honouring the best of the best within the Islamic finance industry.
The BOBS (The Best of Broad Street Awards) 2010 will honour the best bars, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants along Birmingham's Golden Mile.
Big night out: The Best of Broad Street Awards 2009, at the ICC in Birmingham.
Fashioned after the Best of NAMA awards, the first Best of CAMA (Canadian Agri-Marketing Association) was organized by the Calgary chapter to celebrate the efforts of the Canadian agrimarketing industry.
Part of the reason the Best of CAMA is so significant is that your peers judge you.
Over 150 people from the Gateway, Great Plains, Midlands, Missouri-Kansas, Rocky Mountain and Southwest Chapters gathered to honor the best of Region II entries.