(one's)/the best bet

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(one's)/the best bet

The action or idea that is most likely to be successful. At this hour, taking the highway is your best bet if you want to get there on time. This method of testing is the best bet for getting an uncontaminated result.
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your best bet

the most favourable option available in particular circumstances.
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the/your best bet

(informal) the best thing for you to do in a particular situation: Your best bet is to leave the car here and get a bus into town.
See also: bet
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The best bet is heading to Rusty's Ridge, the Oriskany, or Timber Holes for some hot early season king mackerel action and possibly even a blackfin tuna.
It's hard to make a strong case for any of the sides, though, so the best bet could be that there's no Triple Crown winner.
The best bet is to go for a real meal, even if you save half for later.
But the draw at 5/2 looks the best bet against a dangerous Birmingham.
The Aussie full back in quoted at 16-1with Skybet to notch a try treble and if you do want to try and make a bit of pocket-money out of the bookies then looking at player odds is definitely the best bet.
Talida, owned by Shaikh Hamad bin Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, trained by James Naylor and to be ridden by Gary Hind, is the best bet in the Shaikh Nasser Cup for locally bred Group Three horses.
What the mayor's put on the table is the best bet for fixing the LAUSD.
Subtlety can be the best bet to avoid hurt feelings, but it doesn't always get the message across.
PORTMANTEAU falls some way short of star status at Sir Michael Stoute's Freemason Lodge yard but the filly has enough ability to make her mark in the right company and she looks the best bet of the day at Kempton Park tomorrow night.
Baker argues that the New Islamists are the best bet for Egypt to get out of its deep political, social and economic crisis.
Tampering outside the treatment plant with chemical additives like fluoride and chlorine would be the best bet for wouldbe killers.
We're going to need some sort of early warning system, and this surveillance [program] seems to be the best bet," he says.
Aerobic exercise like jogging or swimming may be the best bet to relieve depression, claims a new study from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.
Nothing is certain, but the best bet from the Best Minds is that the Allied forces will eventually succeed.
In the end, retaining a full-service network services provider from the start is the best bet.