a/that sinking feeling

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sinking feeling

A feeling of dread indicating that something bad has happened or is about to happen. As soon as I met him, I got a sinking feeling that he had bad intentions. When I heard about the plane crash, I had a sinking feeling that my friends were on that flight.
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*sinking feeling

the feeling that everything is going wrong; a bad feeling in the base of one's stomach. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I get a sinking feeling whenever I think of the night of the accident.
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a sinking feeling

COMMON If you have a sinking feeling, you suddenly feel that something bad has happened or is likely to happen. I began to have a sinking feeling that I was not going to get rid of her. I've got a sinking feeling that eight months work has just been lost.
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a (or that) sinking feeling

an unpleasant feeling caused by the realization that something unpleasant or undesirable has happened or is about to happen.
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(get/have) a/that ˈsinking feeling

(informal) a feeling that something bad has happened/is going to happen: Most people know that sinking feeling you get when a bill arrives in the post.
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Remember that sinking feeling when your third-grade teacher called you to the front of the room?
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Cruises From Hell: A cautionary roll call of nautical nightmares experienced by people travelling aboard cruise liners, from unacceptable hygiene standards and potential death-traps captured on home-video cameras, to entertainers who experienced that sinking feeling - twice.
And she definitely didn't have that sinking feeling she got after the film when her weight ballooned to 13 stone.
OPEN champion Stewart Cink had that sinking feeling as he celebrated his win with a can of Guinness.
But he experienced that sinking feeling on the mudflats of the Forth at Airth, Stirlingshire.
Britain's lightweight rowers got that sinking feeling at Lake Lanier.
By now David Cameron must have that sinking feeling.
KYLIE Minogue gets that sinking feeling as she pops up in the Dr Who Xmas special.
THERE'S no risk of this man getting that sinking feeling - he's just floated his way into the record books.
But Watford soon had that sinking feeling as Plymouth took the lead on 10 minutes.
Expect that sinking feeling with the reportedly awful gross-out comedy Without A Paddle (left).