That's news to me

(that's) news to (one)

This is something I was not aware about or did not know. A: "Yeah, Jeff and Anthony have been going out for a few months now." B: "News to me. I thought they were just friends." You aren't allowed to dump your grass clippings here? Well, that's news to me!"
See also: news

That's news to me.

I did not know that.; I had not been informed of that. Bill: They've blocked off Maple Street for some repairs. Tom: That's news to me. Sally: The telephones are out. None of them work. Bill: That's news to me.
See also: news

it’s/that’s ˌnews to ˈme

used to express surprise at some information that you have just heard: ‘Max is thinking of leaving his job.’ ‘Really? That’s news to me. I thought he was happy there.’
See also: news