That's the way it goes

that's (just) the way it goes

There is nothing we can do to change or prevent the way things have unfolded or will unfold; this is just the normal way things happen. Usually said of negative events or outcomes that are or seem unfair. A: "So you mean after nearly a year of hard work, all my profits are going to taxes? That's bull!" B: "Yep, but that's the way it goes." A: "I can't believe their little boy died of cancer." B: "I know, it's really awful. That's just the way it goes sometimes."
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That's (just) the way it goes.

 and That's (just) how it goes.; That's (just) the way it is.
Inf. That is the normal way of things.; That is fate. Mary: All my roses died in the cold weather. Sue: That's the way it goes. Sally: Someone stole all the candy we left out in the front office. Jane: That's just how it goes.
See also: goes, way
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