That's the ticket!

that's the ticket

That is exactly the thing that is or was needed or called for. That's the ticket, yes, please lie down. A short nap will have you refreshed in no time. That's the ticket, Chuck. Great idea!
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That's the ticket!

Inf. That is what is required! Mary: I'll just get ready and drive the package directly to the airport! Sue: That's the ticket. Take it right to the airport post office. Bob: I've got it! I'll buy a new computer! Bill: That's the ticket!
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That’s the ticket!

exclam. That is exactly what is needed! Good! That’s the ticket! Now you’re cooking with gas.
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'That's the ticket!': Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz performs a standup set at the Arcada Theatre, 105 E.
Yeah, that's the ticket! "It is now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences," Hillary Clinton warns.
THAT'S THE TICKET! Geri Greenman, this column's original author, sent this tip for a collage project.
yeah, that's the ticket! So what if she's looking straight at the camera and her hair remains unblown?
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Ordinarily I would not have responded to this letter and thought to myself "that's the ticket! You tell them U Olsen!" But I was interested in reading the document referred to in the article.