That's funny

That's funny.

That is strange or peculiar. Bill: Tom just called from Detroit and says he's coming back tomorrow. Mary: That's funny. He's not supposed to. Sue: The sky is turning very gray. Mary: That's funny. There's no bad weather forecast.
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Expect some cleverly crafted storytelling that's funny and touching.
I'm sorry, I This match That's funny, Share your photos on nature detectives@woodlandtrust.
Something that's funny to one person may offend someone else, or worse yet, may spark an uproar causing your initial marketing move to become the butt of jokes and "what not to do's" in future marketing manuals.
THAT'S FUNNY Children enjoyed the fun as Sportacus popped in to spread the message about diet and exercise yesterday
that's funny, I don't remember them saying that at the time (this time last year).
On Caerphilly council's decision to advise staff not to use the term "British" in case it offends Welsh people HMM that's funny because with this pointless and unnecessary exercise they seem to be doing exactly the opposite.
THE fantastic four reach the big screen in SEX AND THE CITY (15), a great film that's funny and moving, with the most fabulous fashion.
Probably from the first time they figured out that some children with autism who sit quietly by themselves will (the reader is asked to plug in some action verb here) themselves until you add a (the reader is asked to plug in a noun here) within arms reach, the exceptional parent was bound to have mused, "Now that's funny.
Sharp-tongued believable people who are a little off-balance and backed into farcical situations by their own quirks--now that's funny.
That's funny, but the thing that's peculiar about it is there was always a dark side.
Usually, that's a question of their importance as news stories in the conventional sense, but I must say, I like to be surprised, I like reading things that are offbeat and so as editor, if I see a story that catches my eye, that's funny, or it's about something I never knew about before, I might try to put that on the front page,'' he said.
It is a story that's funny, thrilling, and at times sad, but it's real and speaks to the lives of many people who did a lot with very little," said Ponders.
If you think that's funny, wait until you hear the one about the woman whose breast was amputated by the mammogram machine.
How can a joke that's funny in one culture be an insult in another?
RealBiz Shorts provides a sales training triple play -- it helps sales leaders hit their numbers; heads of sales training deliver more impactful programs; and it engages sales reps with training content that's funny because it's grounded in their daily challenges," said Steve Johnston, President of Second City Communications.