That's easy for you to say

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that's easy for (one) to say

It's easy for one to make that kind of statement or give that kind of advice because one's not the person who has to do it or be affected by it. A: "If people are unhappy with those working conditions, they should just get a new job!" B: "That's easy for you to say. You haven't had to look for a job in over 15 years." You really need to start getting more exercise. I know that's easy for me to say, seeing as I live alone with no kids, but you've got to find the time or your health is really going to suffer.
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That's easy for you to say.

You can say that easily because it really does not affect you the way it affects others. Waiter: Here's your check. Mary: Thanks. (turning to others) I'm willing to just split the check evenly. Bob: That's easy for you to say. You had lobster! Sally: Let's each chip in ten bucks and buy him a sweater. Sue: That's easy for you to say. You make twice what I do.
See also: easy, say