Thanks for the ride

Thanks for the ride.

 and Thanks for the lift.
Thank you for giving me a ride in your car. John (stopping the car): Here we are. Bob: Thanks for the ride. Bye. John: Later. As Fred got out of the car, he said, "Thanks for the lift."
See also: ride, thanks
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I told them I was proud of them, thanks for the ride, thanks for 11-2, remember to always finish and attack and there is no substitute for hard work," Aliotti said.
We will take them to hospital where they jump out and say thanks for the ride because they only live around the corner.
To the Chandlers I say thanks for the ride, but as with all good things it has now come to an end.
For what it's worth, then, I'll say to the Dusanjs, thanks for the ride, boys, it was a pleasure while it lasted.
Thanks for the ride," he replied, with all the studied blandness of a bested sophomore.
After we skated I took Smiley and Nate to the Copper Sky Grill and Bar to use the coupon and say thanks for the ride and the board.