Thank you kindly

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Thank you kindly.

Thank you very much. Tom: May I give you a lift? Jane: Why, yes. Thank you kindly. Mary: That's a nice suit, and you wear it well. Charlie: Thankyou kindly, ma'am.
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References in classic literature ?
I thank you kindly, Thomas, and I know your intentions well, which is the same I thank you kindly for.
I wish you good-night, Miss," said the man; "and thank you kindly for Bess and the children.
I thank you kindly, little dog, I fare as well as you
Good day again, sir, and I thank you kindly many times again.
I thank you kindly for showing these pictures that make a person smile while remembering yesterday's life.
Thank you kindly for publishing David Beresford's review of The Stoneholding in the July/August issue of Catholic Insight.