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Later the band filmed their final appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars at Alpha Studios on March 28, 1965.
Even if Christmas fills you with dread, thank your lucky stars that you are in for a better festive period than poor Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp.
Thank your lucky stars that a magnetar--a new type of star astronomers discovered earlier this year--lies 20,000 light years from Earth.
You can thank your lucky stars if you've managed to avoid a car crash.
You wouldn't want a mother like this, but thank your lucky stars somebody has one.
Thank Your Lucky Stars was famous for a girl from Birmingham called Janice Nicholls who, if she liked a record, would say: 'I'll give it foive
Just smile, and thank your lucky stars, for what you have, and who you are.
I think you LFC supporters should thank your lucky stars you have Joe Januszewski representing your club now.
He got many of the autographs from a TV cameraman who worked on the hit Sixties show Thank Your Lucky Stars who handed over his autograph album to pay his bill at the nearby London restaurant.
YOU should thank your lucky stars your irresponsible behaviour didn't get you into big trouble.
SMART SOLUTION Best-case scenario: He doesn't catch it, and you can thank your lucky stars for the wax in his ears.
Firstly, your method of driving has brought great sadness to a family, and, secondly, thank your lucky stars that your method of driving did not result in the death of a child leaving St Bernadette's School at that time.
Bill was a pop star in the 1950s when he appeared regularly on Oh Boy and later on Cool For Cats and Thank Your Lucky Stars.
So I say to you Zappa Albany, Kirkdale "belt up", if you have a cosy job, or a housewife or househusband or partner, thank your lucky stars.