Thank you for calling

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Thank you for calling.

Thank you for calling on the telephone. (Said when the call is helpful or a bother to the caller.) Mary: Good-bye. Sue: Good-bye, thanks for calling. John: Okay. Well, I have to get off the phone. I just wanted you to know what was happening with your order. Jane: Okay. Bye. Thanks for calling.
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Thank you for calling attention to the serious lack of labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the U.
ROTO-ROOTER: Okay, well thank you for calling Roto-Rooter, and I am sorry about your fish.
We'll send the tickets to you, thank you for calling," she says cheerfully into her headset.
As a young biracial college student, I thank you for calling attention to it.
DEAR TRINIDAD: Thank you for calling this to our attention.
FIONA, thank you for calling for a pledge to uphold the Military Covenant following the deaths of the six British soldiers in Afghanistan.
Here's how the experience went Good morning, thank you for calling Father Christmas.
Thank you for calling the bar & letting them know.
It included the line - "Dear Lord, I thank you for calling me to share with others your precious gift of laughter.
OK, so no kid's going to thank you for calling them Princess Tiaamii, but I do think children prefer to have a name no one else they know has got.
THANK you for calling Cheese-U-Off Financial Services.