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group text

A conversation between multiple people that occurs via text message. How can I turn off the alerts for this annoying group text? My sisters and I chat in a group text all the time.
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The foundation, origin, or roots of something, especially an artistic work or cultural phenomenon; the original source or inspiration for many similar or related things that followed it. The term was originally applied to the earliest versions of scripture, literary works, and musical compositions but is now used more broadly. I think The Catcher in the Rye can be seen as the urtext for the many novels about disillusioned teens that followed it. The urtext of the movement seems to be a speech he gave 10 years ago.
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His eyes had fallen to the words on the top paper in his hands--"But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!" "And so your father--liked those 'rejoicing texts,' " he murmured.
"Why, it was those texts, too, father said, that made HIM think of the game--he began with ME on the crutches--but he said 'twas the rejoicing texts that started him on it."
Paul Ford's sermon the next Sunday was a veritable bugle-call to the best that was in every man and woman and child that heard it; and its text was one of Pollyanna's shining eight hundred:
I'm going to squirm and wriggle and whisper, and I'm going to say I don't know the Golden Text. And I'm going to throw away both of my collections RIGHT NOW."
He glibly recited an old Golden Text learned several weeks ago.
'Thoughts on the Present Discontents'; 'An Address to the King'; the latter half of the speech 'On the Nabob of Areot's Debts'; 'Reflections on the Revolution in France'; 'A Letter to a Noble Lord.' Subjects for consideration are suggested by the text. It would be especially interesting to compare Burke's style carefully with Gibbon's and Johnson's.
The reading should include most of Gray's poems and 'The Deserted Village.' Questions for consideration are suggested in the text, but students should be able to state definitely just what are the things that make Gray's 'Elegy' a great poem and should form definite opinions as to the rank of 'The Bard' and 'The Progress of Poesy' among lyrics.
Subjects for discussion are suggested in the text. Especially may be considered his feeling for Nature, his power of description, and the question how far his faults as a poet nullify his merits.
The text which spoke of the moving of mountains was just one of those that said one thing and meant another.
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Nicomachean Ethics, 1819; mainly from text of Bekker, by D.
Eryx might perhaps make the meaning intelligible, and suggest my proposed restoration of the text to the reader as readily as it did to myself.
{81} This line is enclosed in brackets in the received text, and is omitted (with note) by Messrs.
IT IS a trivial grammar-school text, but yet worthy a wise man's consideration.