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group text

A conversation between multiple people that occurs via text message. How can I turn off the alerts for this annoying group text? My sisters and I chat in a group text all the time.
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The foundation, origin, or roots of something, especially an artistic work or cultural phenomenon; the original source or inspiration for many similar or related things that followed it. The term was originally applied to the earliest versions of scripture, literary works, and musical compositions but is now used more broadly. I think The Catcher in the Rye can be seen as the urtext for the many novels about disillusioned teens that followed it. The urtext of the movement seems to be a speech he gave 10 years ago.
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Texting can be a distraction that leads to addiction--a Belgian study found sleep disturbances among half of the teenagers who took phones to bed so they would not miss incoming messages--and educators lament the fact that texting abbreviations are finding their way into student writing.
Nevertheless, texting has become an important social lifeline for young people, and research suggests that students communicate with others more frequently than ever, and write more than they do in school.
For example, rather than attempting to ban texting summarily, social use may be limited to lunch, activity periods and out of class times.
While the pioneers tiptoe into the texting frontier, others are taking an even more cautious approach.
Schools can customize texting programs to meet their needs, but a few universal rules up the odds for implementation success.