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trial by television

A situation in which a person's guilt is decided by the population at large due to negative coverage by televised media outlets. Also phrased as "trial by the media." While the stories about the former CEO are all horrifying, right now they are just that: stories. We cannot allow trial by television to become the new means by which to condemn our citizens, who still enjoy the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
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peak TV

The period of proliferation of TV shows in the late 2010s resulting in a multitude of quality programs across streaming, cable, and broadcast platforms. The phrase, attributed to CEO of FX Networks John Landgraf, originally referred to the seeming unsustainability of such a large number of shows. It's peak TV, and I'm actively watching eight different shows, not including the ones I want to watch but don't have time to!
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trial by television (or the media)

discussion of a case or controversy on television or in the media involving or implying accusations against a particular person.
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