Tastes differ

Tastes differ.

Prov. Different people like different things. Fred: Bill always goes out with such stupid girls. I can't understand why. Alan: Tastes differ.
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References in classic literature ?
Well, tastes differ - but I like pale or dark,' replied she.
Tastes differ, you know," replied the Shaggy Man, yawning again.
But it seemed to be troubling the poor fellow with the studs a great deal, so, realizing that tastes differ and that there is no accounting for them, he looked at him commiseratingly.
But calendar tastes differ -- they are not a religious memento for all.
We gamely started on a bottle of red wine but switched to beer when we tasted the house draft, which is one of the best ales I've ever had anywhere in the world (there is an entire chalkboard of other interesting ales and stouts if your tastes differ from mine).
Cultural commentators suggest that ordinary consumers' tastes differ from the criteria for excellence used by professional critics in providing expert judgments.
Tastes differ but they seem to be in reasonable starting places for a novice-the drum kit spots could be handy, I imagine.
Radio apps are quite popular among users, and since music tastes differ, this app is for those who would like to have the latest music on the go," said Dragan Jankovic, Nimaxy's CEO.
But while tastes differ, the internet unites many categories of film-lover, a European Commission study, published on 6 February, has shown.
Tastes differ, of course, but the power of the artform remains unquestionable.
They want individuals who share their tastes to be treated well by others, but want those whose tastes differ from their own to be treated badly, the study of 200 nine- and 14-month-old infants found.
because there are so many, and because tastes differ so much.
Tastes differ, and some tenants will be searching for a property with period features, while others will only consider new-builds, both of which are available in countryside and coastal locations.
Design-wise the biggest trend is that there is no one particular trend -- tastes differ all over the world.
Real Radio programme director Ricky Durkin said: 'Wales has produced some fantastic music and artists and it'll be interesting to see how our musical tastes differ from those in the rest of the UK as we count down Wales' Real Top 40.