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have a hidden talent

To have a particular skill or ability that few people know one possesses. Come on, just tell me—what's your hidden talent? Well, I do have one hidden talent—I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue!
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talent management

The area of a business that focuses on retaining current employees and hiring new, exemplary candidates. Talent management is a crucial part of any successful business.
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have a hidden talent

 and have hidden talents
Fig. to have talents or skills that no one knows about. Wow, Perry! I didn't know you had so many hidden talents.
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They become part of a team of 44 Kenyans who will be enrolled for a boot camp in November for vigorous training in order to sharpen their football skills.The Dream Football team, who are scouting for talent in children aged between four and 14, camped at the institution for three days before coming up with the winners.
For more information about M Models and Talent Agency, visit www.mmodels.ca or visit their Instagram page to see the recent work their models and talents are landing at www.instagram.com/mmodelstalent.
Fact.MR has announced the addition of the "Integrated Talent Management Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2028"report to their offering.
During the meeting, the minister highlighted the importance of cultivating national talents to build a sustainable future for the UAE.
The event with the theme: I'm Unstoppable, will hold on Good Friday, April 19, at the City of Talents, Arapaja, Ibadan, Oyo State.
"AXN is pleased to air three major versions of the Got Talents format - 'Asia's Got Talent,' an original production produced by AXN; 'America's Got Talent;' and 'Britain's Got Talent' - which have been wildly successful.
It is hard I think everyone has talents but might not recognise them Lori Nicoll work when you've got a job but I really enjoy my hobby and I have a talent for it.
More than 300 high-level talents have been invited to attend the conference, including 10 academicians, 62 experts of the 'Thousand Talents Plan', a national plan of recruiting overseas talents, and 59 foreign high-level talents from ten countries.
'It's important as parents to not only help our children to grow healthy and strong with good nutrition, but also help them discover and explore their gifts and talents,' says Yvette Villegas, the brand manager of PROMIL Four.
However, out of the 40 candidates vying for the crown, only 15 bets braved to sign up fpr the nerve wracking talent competition.
HR needs to rely less on the technocratic solutions and must retool themselves with smart and intuitive management practices for leaders so they can effectively nurture high potential talents.
Meanwhile, "America's Got Talent" Season 12, episode 6 will continue to feature a slew of new contestants who will showcase their talents in front of judges Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell.
To answer research question 1 and verify hypothesis 1, we tested the attitudes of respondents to questionnaire items 8 and 12 ('We search for talent in every single person that has just been employed' and 'We are currently identifying talents among all the workers employed in our company' respectively).
Therefore, managing talents should be at the core of an organization's management.