take (one's) chances

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take (one's) chances

1. To seize and make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. It was a heartbreaking loss, but we have no one to blame but ourselves—if you don't take your chances in a game, you're never going to succeed.
2. To try to do something that carries a high risk of having a negative or unfortunate outcome. A: "You know that this deal could bankrupt the company, right?" B: "But if it works, it will make us a fortune. Let's take our chances."
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take one's chances

Accept the risks, resign oneself to whatever happens, as in I've no idea whether this scheme will work; I'll just take my chances. [Early 1300s]
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take ˈchances

do risky things: Take no chances: don’t lend money to people you don’t know.
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take your ˈchances

(informal) make as much use as you can of your opportunities: When the offer of a job in Singapore came, I accepted it. After all, you have to take your chances in life.
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When I have been drinking alcohol, I am more vulnerable to taking chances.
"'Four Seasons is delighted to be the venue of choice for the Celine Dion 'Taking Chances' Dubai concert" comments Bahram Sepahi, Regional Vice President and General Manager Four Seasons Dubai.
Chapters address the importance of doing the right thing, leadership for the common good, applying one's experience, taking chances when needed, staying focused, and much more.
He achieves love, fortune and a title by blundering and plundering along, taking chances and getting by on his good looks, manners and ultimate self-confidence.
Perhaps her gambling streak came from her work in the movie industry as a story editor, taking chances on scripts, like the unproduced play that became Casablanca.
When a side is struggling for points taking chances that your colleagues create is of paramount importance, but Rollo was guilty of missing from close range after 36 minutes when he scooped the ball over the crossbar after a superb delivery from Robbie Herrera.
We admire coaches who salvage lives by taking chances with problem kids.
"After the result, we can be negative because we lost three points, but it is in our hands to continue taking chances to be in the top four," said Emery (above).
'But we'll see, I'm not taking chances and will take it one match at a time.'
He is Spurs' set-piece expert and has also shown himself capable of both creating and taking chances.
I WASN'T the most complicated of footballers, I was all about goals, getting into scoring positions, taking chances, and punishing mistakes.
New York, Dec 7 ( ANI ): Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that Bruce Dern had told him not to be afraid of taking chances at the Paramount holiday party held recently.
"It is a shame because scoring and taking chances has been one of our main qualities.
Most of those questioned in the study by Sailor Jerry rum said that being a "goodie two shoes" did not help them progress in life, agreeing that taking chances was the best way to get ahead.
You talk about players putting their hand up and taking chances when they come along - well he took a massive step against Wales.