take care of business

take care of business

To do whatever is necessary to resolve something, make progress, get by, cope with one's circumstances, etc. Our last manager was really lazy. I'm hoping the person they're bringing in to replace him will take care of business. I know it can seem overwhelming when there's so much to get done, but just start taking care of business one step at a time.
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(just) taking care of business

Fig. doing what I am supposed to do; an answer to the question "What are you doing lately?" (Also abbreviated T.C.B.) Bill: Hey, man. What you been doing? Tom: Just taking care of business. Andy: Look, officer, I'm just standing here, taking care of business, and this Tom guy comes up and tries to hit me for a loan. Tom: That's not true!
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taking care of business

tv. doing what one is meant to do; coping with life as it is. (see also TCB.) Walter is taking care of business. Back in a minute.
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tv. taking care of business; doing things that have to be done. (Black. Initialism.) He’s TCB; that’s where he is.
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He added: "We lost the first quarter but not for one minute did I doubt we were not going to take care of business.
"Commander Illyas, Wing Commander Ayaz, General Ehtisham Zameer, Shaukat Sultan, Maryam Rehman, Brigadier Ahad and Riaz's son, Ahmed Ali Riaz take care of business affairs in his absence," said the personal officer.
We must continue to take care of business. We must help people pursue their dreams.
Let's put an end to taking care of our egos and looking for scapegoats; let's work together and take care of business. Roger M.