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TOS was also found to be risk factor for SCF.(odds ratio for totoxi: 1.095, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.016-1.181, p < 0.05).
Of the 3,004 profiles specified, some content was removed from 141 accounts for violating Twitter's ToS. However, Twitter declined all the requests for account information and removal.
En reatidad, son impurezas que enrarecen y ratentizan tos beneficios de tos demas ingredientes para ta formutacion sostenibte en ta que estamos encaminados mayoritariamente tuego de decadas de desarrotto investigativo, innovador y tecnotogico.
A post hoc power analysis revealed a power of 0.88 for TAS, and 1 for both TOS and OSI with 0.05 type 1 error level.
Tos was originally from Slovenia and moved to Denmark in 1957 (2).
We report a case with a secondary chondrosarcoma of the clavicle causing TOS. Tumor resection resolved both the neurologic symptoms and restriction of the range of motion of the shoulder.
Clavicular fractures account for approximately 2.6% of all fractures, with the majority being midshaft fractures.[1] A recent meta-analysis reported a nonunion rate as high as 14.5% for displaced midshaft fractures treated nonoperatively.[2] Moreover, a specific association between thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) and clavicular nonunion has been reported.[3],[4],[5] On the other hand, osteosynthesis for clavicular fractures is a reliable treatment, with rates of midshaft nonunion as low as 1.4%.[2] Although clavicular osteosynthesis decreases the rate of nonunion, TOS remains a possible postoperative complication.
In our study, we compared the TAS, TOS, and PON1 serum levels in patients with NSD and healthy controls.
To implement this division of service offerings, you will need to start by implementing a Terms of Service (ToS) agreement, to make the distinction clear to your clients.
La clinica que presenta el paciente puede manifestarse con disnea, tos, dolor toracico y/o volumen bajo de drenaje.
The total antioxidant status (TAS), total oxidant status (TOS), and oxidative stress index (OSI) are the key factors reflecting the redox balance between oxidation and antioxidation.
Opening a new chapter in Lankan international trade, Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen launched a Skype based teleconference session with his Trade Officials abroad (TOs) on 14 July morning and began evaluating their performance.
Below is a letter I mailed last week to our friends, subscribers, and supporters about TOS's mission and business model, and about why we need financial support over and above subscription revenues in order to do what we do.