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I'd say that one of the reasons for the UAE is the TOS," he said.
Privacy and copyright are just the tip of the social media TOS iceberg--an iceberg that savvy social media practitioners in higher education can't ignore anymore.
Considering these findings, we diagnosed the patient as having true neurogenic TOS.
The TOS committee's end-of-seminar evaluation revealed that not only were procedures, policies, and questions clarified for students, but for faculty as well.
The TOS group had higher incidences of muscle cramps and spasms; abnormal sensations such as numbness, burning, and paresthesias; loss of strength; diminished sensitivity to stimulus (hypoesthesias); poor coordination; headache; sleep disturbances; and memory loss.
Enhancement of external and internal subsystems makes the TOS easier to use.
Around 59% of TOS patients progressed to a chronic phase with features of scleroderma, motor and sensory polyneuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint contractures, myalgias, and muscle cramps.
Tideworks implemented its suite of TOS products under a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model at Red Hook.
TOS and OAC say the solution lies in better understanding obesity prevention and treatment, which includes more research, and better access to and development of effective treatment options.
The TOS was launched in two phases over the course of one year, first at HPC's Carmel facility and then throughout the remaining three terminals.
For clinicians, TOS says that understanding the differences between obesity and BED is important.
Tideworks' TOS, which will replace Halterm's current system, is scheduled to go live in 2012.
The pharmacotherapy guideline provides a roadmap for clinicians considering anti-obesity drug treatment for patients not finding success with diet and exercise alone," says Donna Ryan, MD, member of the development panel and professor emeritus at Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center, speaking on behalf of TOS.
The deployment will include Tideworks' entire suite of TOS solutions including Mainsail Terminal Management System[R], Mainsail Online, Spinnaker Planning Management System[R], Traffic Control[TM], Forecast[R] and Digital Bridge[TM] performance monitoring tool.
For many years, TOS has advocated for enhanced understanding and treatment of obesity as a complex, chronic disease in need of new treatment options.