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An initialism of "three-finger salute," referring to the computer keystroke control-alt-delete, commonly used to force programs to close or the computer to restart in the Windows operating system. (A jocular play on the expression "one-finger salute," referring to the raising of the middle finger, a rude gesture commonly called "the finger.") This computer is so janky that I have to give it the TFS pretty much every day. If the program is still hung up at this stage, you'll probably have to resort to a TFS to shut it down.
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a three-finger salute

and TFS
n. & comp. abb. The keyboard keys Control, Alternate, Delete pressed at the same time when a program fails under the Windows operating system. (This is a play on one-finger salute, the digitus impudicus.) I had to give the TFS twice before the program would run.
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See also: TF
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