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a 10

Someone or something regarded as perfect or superlative in some way (as on a scale of 1 to 10). This weather is a 10 in my book—lots of sunshine with a cool breeze. A: "Wow, that girl is gorgeous." B: "I know, she's a real 10."
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A store that sells goods at low prices (at one time, for literally 5 and 10 cents). Primarily heard in US. We can get that cheaper at the five-and-ten, you know. We had to start shopping at five-and-tens after my dad lost his job.
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Also, five-and-dime. A retail store selling a variety of items for very low prices. The original store of this kind (five-and-ten-cent store) dates from the first half of the 1900s, and although current prices are far more than five or ten cents, the name persists. Sometimes varied to nickel and dime, the term also came to be used as an adjective meaning low-paid, as in Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, a 2001 book by Barbara Ehrenreich.
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This was to be not only the longest of all telephone lines, strung on ten thousand poles; it was to be a line de luxe, built of glistening red copper, not iron.
It was the final result of ten years of invention and improvement.
Then the merry King laughed again, for he dearly loved goodly jest; so he said, amidst his laughter, "I will wager thee ten tuns of Rhenish wine, ten tuns of the stoutest ale, and tenscore bows of tempered Spanish yew, with quivers and arrows to match."
Dispatching one of my men to Tars Tarkas for a detail of fifty Tharks, with word of my intentions, I ordered ten warriors to capture and open one of the great gates while with the nine remaining I took the other.
And what were the ten reconciliations, and the ten truths, and the ten laughters with which my heart enjoyed itself?
I am but ten years old--and all the chemists' shops are shut up!"
"Forty-seven minutes past ten!" murmured the captain.
"If I do not get the ten fat goats and the other things, they shall at least have a few bones after I am through." And he left the boy to think over the meaning of his all-too-suggestive words.
Then all the ten sons of Jikiza stepped forward as one man, for their hearts were made with wrath because of the death of their father and because the chieftainship had gone from their race, so that in truth they cared little if they lived or died.
On week-days her breakfast cost ten cents; she made coffee and cooked an egg over the gaslight while she was dressing.
They were to call for her at her house in the Taurida Gardens at ten o'clock, but it was already five minutes to ten, and the girls were not yet dressed.
House-hunting in the other end of town ceased, and on Pine Street, between Fifth and Fourth, and in immediate proximity to the great Southern Pacific railroad yards, Billy and Saxon rented a neat cottage of four small rooms for ten dollars a month.
Now you paid ten francs for the handkerchief itself."
Close by was an Arab douar of some eight or ten tents.
For forty days wind and weather were all in our favour, but the next night a terrific storm arose, which blew us hither and thither for ten days, till the pilot confessed that he had quite lost his bearings.