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Swiss bank account

A bank account held in Switzerland. Such accounts are highly confidential and are only identified by a number, rather than the owner's name. I suspect they're putting the embezzled funds into a Swiss bank account because we haven't been able to trace it. How are we going to get information on this transaction if it's going into a Swiss bank account?
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have more holes than Swiss cheese

To be extremely unsound or flawed. Does anyone have a better suggestion? Mark's idea has more holes than Swiss cheese.
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more holes than Swiss cheese

If an argument, theory or plan has more holes than Swiss cheese, it has very many faults and problems. The current laws have more holes than Swiss cheese. Jackson claimed the system had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Note: Swiss cheese is used in various other ways to describe an argument or theory like this. In my view it's a Swiss cheese you have there, not a case. Jones criticizes what she sees as Miller's `Swiss-cheese thesis'. Note: `Swiss cheese' is an American term for cheese such as Emmenthal, which has round holes in it.
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SWISS will be ensuring that our Swiss national footballers reach their destinations as comfortably and speedily as possible, adds Alex Miescher, the General Secretary of the SFV.
Swiss International's new daily Geneva-Prague service will depart from Geneva at 11:40 on weekdays, arriving in the Czech capital at 13:25.
Swiss democracy is as good a model of democracy as any.
Generally, the 50/50 practice will be granted only if the Swiss company does not maintain a substantial infrastructure within Switzerland (such as large premises, significant number of personnel, etc.
In contrast other essayists, architects, historians and critics, have no trouble in defining Swiss characteristics: meticulous workmanship, aesthetic refinement, ideas carried through with regard for their consequences, appropriate materials engineered down to the smallest detail, Such qualities are apparent over time, from Rudolf Lehni's do-it-yourself picture frames (1976), Willy Guhl's garden chair made by Eternit (1954), or Hans Coray's Landi chair, holed like Swiss cheese, for Switzerland's 1938 national fair, to contemporary furniture by Hannes Wettstein or Urs and Carmen Greutmann.
In 1774, during an unsuccessful attempt to urge Quebec to join the colonists' cause, the Continental Congress pointed to the Swiss federalist model, in which an unassuming central government let diverse cantons go their own way, with religious differences set aside: "Their union is composed of Roman Catholic and Protestant States, living in the utmost concord and peace with one another and thereby enabled, ever since they bravely vindicated their freedom, to defy and defeat every tyrant that has invaded them.
The 23-page Swiss report, issued in Bern and made available in London, was researched by a commission of historians appointed last year under international pressure to study the entire range of Switzerland's relationships with Nazi Germany.
Swiss Bank Tower is the creative result of cooperation between Swiss Bank Corporation and Saks Fifth Avenue, now owned by Investcorp, Inc.
As The Airline of Switzerland, we are very proud that we will now be accompanying and supporting our Swiss sportspeople for their key events abroad, says Markus Binkert, SWISS s Chief Commercial Officer.
As a result of its recent resizing, Swiss is now recording black-ink operating results for its Geneva-based network.
Since its founding - by artists, it's worth noting - this museum has always exhibited contemporary Swiss work, from Hodler to Roman Signer.
We do think that there is a possibility that they correspond to names on the list,'' a spokesman for the Swiss Bankers Association told the Wiesenthal Center on Thursday.
SWISS is the new official airline of Swiss Ice Hockey, the umbrella organization for ice hockey in Switzerland.