A nickname for a devoted fan of the musician Taylor Swift. My ears are ringing from the screams of the Swifties hoping to get a glimpse of Taylor Swift leaving the hotel.

Tom Swifty

A type of wordplay in which reported speech is followed by a description that creates a pun of some sort between the two. Presently she said, "I got you this gift." "We must hurry," said Tom swiftly.
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Tom Swifty

A punning word game. Tom Swift was the hero of a series of boys' adventure books first published in 1910. Author Victor Apppleton rarely used the word “said” without adding adverbs, a style that someone turned into a word game in which punsters add adverbs that suit what Tom is saying. Classic examples of Tom Swiftys (or Swifties) are “Sesame,” said Tom openly; “I only use one herb when I cook,” said Tom sagely; and “I swallowed some of the glass from that broken window,” Tom said painfully.
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Swift responded to the news on Tumblr, where she has in recent years cultivated a supportive following of Swifties.
Filipino "Swifties" are particularly celebrating Swift's opening outfit in the video, in which she can be seen wearing a black and white, V-neck tulle dress with flower applique designed by Filipino-American designer Monique Lhuillier.
"Taylor has been with us for our entire love story + 12 years later we are married with 3 little Swifties. #12YearsOfTaylorSwift @taylornation13," she added.
He later revealed: "We were just two swifties that decided to attend a concert together in 2013.
Around 136,000 Swifties are set to descend on Croke Park and the gigs are expected to bring in an estimated [euro]60million across Dublin.
She told the teenage Swifties packed on to the pitch normally graced by a different kind of adored millionaire: "This is a really special night for me and everybody on this stage."
From the first hint of a beat, her Swifties are in a tizz, enchanted by her every move.
The fans, also known as 'Swifties', have taken to social media to voice their anger.
'Around four or five of us are really diehard Swifties, and when she released the 'Look What You Made Me Do' video, I think that was our sole conversation topic for the entire day.'
Just as misogynistic appraisals of the artist's dating history run rampant amongst Swifties, many professed Bey fans will tweet an album cover but never say a word against misogynoir.
The singer is renowned for her genuine warmth when she meets her loyal Swifties.
There's just one Internet hit for this 14-letter item, in a site dedicated to Tom Swifties: "I remember one time in Science class, I wanted to find out if they really did contain methane, so I pulled down my pants, squatted down and let 'er rip!" Tom said, overmatchingly."