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sweetheart agreement

 and sweetheart deal
a private agreement reached between a public agency or government official and a private company that includes illicit payments or special favors. They found that the mayor was involved in a number of sweetheart agreements. Most of the building contractors in town would be out of business if they didn't have sweetheart deals with the local politicians.

sweetheart deal

n. a deal made between friends so that both may profit well. (Such deals usually involve illegal or unethical practices.) Most of the general contractors in town would be out of business if they didn’t offer “sweetheart deals” to the politicians.
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Several months before Pearl Harbor, the Sweethearts left Piney Woods to go pro--amid controversy.
The hypotheses were that: (a) non-human sweetheart photographs initially would be viewed for a longer duration as participants attempted to discern any differences and (b) intimacy, passion and commitment items from Sternberg's love scale would be stronger for the human compared to non-human sweethearts.
33 percent of couples in their sixties are still with their childhood sweethearts and just 14 percent of people, who are aged in their forties and fifties, are still together, the Independent reported.
Sin, who is writing a book about letters from soldiers to their sweethearts, said: "It's the only letter I've been able to find from Blythe to Miss Evans but it's a lovely letter.
And more wartime memories are sure to be evoked when the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton hosts a Forces Sweethearts concert next month.
The sweethearts sadly split up after the Second World War and he remarried.
There are plenty stereotypes of 'stupid teen girls' and AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS gets to the bottom of these images by exploring them in American pop culture through teen narratives and the producers who created them.
Just Friends is a gender-reversed remake of America's Sweethearts, a comedy only four years old.
FORCES Sweethearts will take to the stage for an afternoon of Valentine's magic at Dudley Concert Hall.
Forces Sweethearts, which attracted a full house at the venue earlier this year, will be performed again on Wednesday, February 1, starting at 2pm.
Featuring collaborations from esteemed songwriters such as Linda Perry (Pink, Christina Aguilera), Bernie Taupin (Elton John), Kim Deal (Pixies, Breeders), amongst others, America's Sweethearts isn't short of quality.
Actress Gwen (Zeta Jones) and her estranged actor husband Eddie (Cusack) are America's sweethearts, a superstar couple.
Now the Cinderella story has come true - and it's Julia Roberts who's playing second fiddle to Zeta Jones, while Swansea's most famous export takes the role of the preening, glamorous superstar in America's Sweethearts.