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silver surfer

An elderly person who is a proficient user of the Internet. My grandmother has become a real silver surfer since we got her new computer hooked up to the Internet. She even keeps in touch with her friends on social media!
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channel surfer

One who quickly switches between channels on a TV, as while looking for a program to watch. Hey, channel surfer, can you slow down so I can actually see what's on?
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channel surfer

n. a person who practices channel hopping. My husband is a confirmed channel surfer. I can’t understand why he does it.
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Skyjet considers him fit to represent the brand, as he himself is a surfer, and considers Siargao his second home.
All three surfers returned back to the shore uninjured, along with the rest of their team.
The public at large perhaps most often associates the surf music genre with surfing, though as Cooley demonstrates throughout the book, it is generally not a style with which surfers identify.
Rodrigueza added that more than 100 surfers took part in the competition, including 10 foreigners.
For surfers to know which board is right for them, the site offers attribute sets for shape, performance, and wave type.
Roxy will be revealing the identity of the surfer on Tuesday.
In the chapter on female surf vacations in Mexico, a historian would have been hard pressed to find immediate meaning in the social theater exhibited in the faux lesbian wedding held in a small local village restaurant and the ensuing "dance battle" between hip-grinding young male surfers and a group of extroverted--and equally raunchy--middle-aged Bay Area women dubbed the Hot Flashes.
We have surfers from Cornwall to Scotland, of all different ages united in one competition - something only Red Bull does best.
AN air-sea search swept the coast of Western Australia yesterday in the hunt for a man-eating shark that bit a surfer in half.
While an onlooker called the emergency services from the cliff top above, a cool-headed surfer paddled to the pair - a 13-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl - to rescue them.
The "surfer guys" in question do nothing besides smoke marijuana a and eventually include the youngster in a "business master plan" that involves selling big amounts of dope (as it turns out, the surfers are also large-scale marijuana producers).
Hilton Hotels and Resorts, a subsidiary of the Blackstone Group (NYSE: BX) and a US-based hospitality company, has announced a partnership with Australian beach athletes with Hilton Surfers Paradise, in Gold Coast, Australia.
along with two 47-foot motor lifeboat crews from the Depoe Bay station, after the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office reported the surfers were caught.
SURFING champions will battle it out in the seas around Thurso today in the final of the O'Neill Coldwater Classic, a world championship qualifying event open to the world's top surfers, Not that Scotland's north coast is the place which instantly springs to mind at the mention of surfing.
Dubai: Surfing in Dubai has not been banned but surfers found in the swimming area of Umm Suquiem 2 beach, near Jumeirah Beach Hotel, may be fined.