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more/bigger/greater than the sum of its parts

Describes something made up of a large collection of things or people in which the total unit is more important, impressive, successful, etc., than its components are individually. America is certainly bigger than the sum of its parts. The global social networking site, so intrinsically connected to and supported by users, is certainly more than just the sum of its parts.
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zero-sum game

A situation, process, competition, or outcome in which the winner's gain is exactly equal to the loser's loss. Poker is a zero-sum game because the amount of money won by one player is equivalent to the amount lost by the other players.
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in sum

As a final brief, concluding point. In sum, if we do not address this issue now, it will become insurmountable in a few years' time.
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sum and substance

a summary; the gist. Can you quickly tell me the sum and substance of your proposal? In trying to explain the sum and substance of the essay, Thomas failed to mention the middle name of the hero.
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sum (something) up

to give a summary of something. I would like to sum this lecture up by listing the main points I have covered. It is time for me to sum up. She summed up the president's speech in three sentences.
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sum and substance

The essence or gist of something, as in The sum and substance of their platform is financial conservatism. This redundant expression-both sum and substance here mean "essence"-has probably survived owing to alliteration. Shakespeare used it in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (4:1): "My riches are these poor habiliments [clothes], Of which if you should here disfurnish me, You take the sum and substance that I have."
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sum total

The entirety, everything, as in I spent all day in the kitchen and the sum total of my efforts is this cake. [Mid-1600s]
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sum up

Present the substance of, summarize, as in They always sum up the important news in a couple of minutes, or That expletive sums up my feelings about the matter. [Early 1600s]
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a zero-sum game

If a situation is a zero-sum game, the advantage that one person gains from it must have an equal disadvantage for someone else. The idea that foreign investment is a zero-sum game — that one country's gain is another's loss — is mistaken. Note: Other nouns are sometimes used instead of game. According to Reed, employee benefits are a zero-sum gain. If costs for one benefit rise, it's often at the expense of another, such as paid vacation and health insurance. Note: A zero-sum game is one in which the winnings and losses of all the players add up to zero.
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be greater/more than the ˌsum of its ˈparts

be better or more effective as a group than you would think just by looking at the individual members of the group: After their victory, the captain was full of praise for his team, saying that it was a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
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in ˈsum

(formal) used to introduce a short statement of the main points of a discussion, speech, etc: In sum, there are significant gaps in technological development across countries.
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sum up

1. To present the substance of something in a condensed form; summarize something: At the end of the radio program, they sum up the day's news. Here's what I learned—I'll sum it up for you. At the end of the lecture, the professor summed up.
2. To describe or assess something concisely: This poem sums up my feelings perfectly.
3. To add some set of numbers together: The teacher challenged the students to sum up the numbers from 1 to 100 as fast as possible. I wrote down all of our expenses for the week and summed them up.
4. To calculate something, especially by addition: We need to sum up our total costs for this trip. I'm sure this answer is correct—I summed it up myself.
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Fully laden VLCCs transiting toward the Suez Canal also use the Sumed Pipeline for lightering.
The 200-mile long Sumed Pipeline, or Suez-Mediterranean Pipeline, provides an alternative to the Suez Canal for those cargos too large to transit through the Canal (laden VLCC's and larger).
Accordingly, exports will take place from the SUMED repositories because the capacity for export is between 600,000 and 650,000 barrels per shipment, he said, increasing margins for both Egypt and the clients.
About half of the Sumed crude comes from Saudi Arabia and is mostly shipped to Europe, according to the pipeline operator.
10 the under-secretary for petroleum affairs, who until then had been chairman of the Sumed crude oil pipeline company; and prominent geologist Muhammad Rif'at Khafaga, since Feb.
disrupt Suez Canal and SUMED pipeline flows or spread in the region," the IEA
Permanent crude oil production will be sent via pipeline, including the SUMED pipeline, to the SUMED export facilities at Sidi Kerir on the northern coast of Egypt.
Biofisica) the leading manufacturer of bio-current therapy wound healing technology is delighted to announce the appointment of Sumed International UK Ltd (Sumed) as the exclusive distributor of Biofisica's POSiFECT[R] bio-electric stimulation therapy product range, to the United Kingdom and Ireland markets.
SUMED carries Arab Gulf crude oils to refining centres in the West.
Sumed, the operator of the 200-mile long pipelines, was studying the feasibility of reversing the direction of one of the pipelines to cater for increased shipments of crude from the Mediterranean to Asia, a Sumed source said.
In the Mediterranean, Saudi Aramco leases crude oil storage facilities at Sidi Kerir, the terminal of the Sumed pipeline from the Gulf of Suez to the Mediterranean.
Fabrication and installation of pipeline and storage facilities and two 20,000 barrel per day production trains, are ongoing in anticipation of fourth quarter production into the SUMED Pipeline.
4m b/d Sumed system in Egypt consisting of a pipeline from Ain Sukhna in the Gulf of Suez to the Sidi Kerir terminal on the Mediterranean.
One order for pipeline gate valves was received from Sumed Pipeline Company, Alexandria, Egypt, for the expansion of a crude oil pipeline.
The UAE proposed tapping into the financial surpluses of the SUMED petrol company, of which Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar own 50% and Egypt the other 50%, and which made $130 million in profits last year.