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The strength of the strong will be theirs, and they will add their strength together, so that, of all the men in the world, not one will fight with another.
Several years ago, deep into my research on positive psychology, I stumbled upon an obvious truth: We are happier when we spend more time focusing and building upon our strengths than remediating our weaknesses.
The understanding of the material strengths and properties is essential when designing any structure.
How often are employees asked, "Do you get to use your strengths at work every day?"
No, instead we explored and shared our strengths learning about the skills, work styles, thought processes and talents each of us brings to the table.
Synopsis: Organizations that want to increase productivity must consciously manage their employees toward engagement and help them use their strengths at work every day.
In October's column I discussed "signature strengths." They lead to happiness, but what's more, they are the ingredients for mastery that pay off handsomely in the course of your career.
Strengths: Did a pretty good hardflip that one time
Tensile yield strengths were 1769 psi for nylon 66 and 1203 psi for nylon 12, or 92% and 63% of virgin PE strength, respectively.
The measured tensile strengths were found to depend not only on step thickness but also on the composition of each of the irons.
The resulting scores determined not only one's preference for each of the twenty-one elements, but also the individual's perceptual strengths. Knowing whether a student in class was visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic certainly could and should impact how a lesson was being taught.
When a person does not have a sense of their talents and strengths they will be awash in a sea of ambiguity.
In light of the definitions, the evaluators assign strengths, inadequacies, and deficiencies in the area of mission capability at the subfactor level.