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Ojo placed his hand in the flabby stuffed glove that served the Scarecrow for a hand, and the Scarecrow pressed it so cordially that the straw in his glove crackled.
He smelled around the stuffed man as if he suspected there might be a nest of rats in the straw, and he often growled in an unfriendly way at the Scarecrow.
After he had cried a long time, he wiped his eyes and then he made a bed of straw for old Geppetto.
As soon as Pinocchio went into the stable, he spied a little Donkey lying on a bed of straw in the corner of the stable.
Oh, my poor Lamp-Wick," said Pinocchio in a faint voice, as he wiped his eyes with some straw he had picked up from the ground.
He looked all about him and instead of the usual walls of straw, he found himself in a beautifully furnished little room, the prettiest he had ever seen.
Their mangers were placed circular in the middle of the room, and divided into several partitions, round which they sat on their haunches, upon bosses of straw.
Here I got some straw, and covering myself with my own clothes, slept very sound.
No, I'm quite warm,' answered Nikita as he pushed some straw up to the forepart of the sledge so that it should cover his feet, and stowed away the whip, which the good horse would not need, at the bottom of the sledge.
Renfrewshire Council should ditch environmentally damaging plastic straws from all its facilities, say councillors.
He told Sky News there were "a number of things, from banning plastic straws to ending the live export of animals for slaughter, where being outside the EU actually makes it easier for us to do the right thing".
Scotland's biggest music venue has backed the Sunday Mail's campaign to make the country free of plastic straws.
He will ditch straws once his stock runs out and also swap plastic bottles for glass and cans at The Stag, Dumfries.
AGROWING number of Teesside pubs, clubs and restaurants are calling last orders on plastic straws - so is it time we got used to just sipping our drinks instead?
Oh, and Brains have already done This is a great campaign and I am glad people are doing something - however, instead of paper straws which break down too easily when drinking or plastic straws (bad for environment) people should use biodegradable straws.