(it's/that's the) story of my life

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(it's/that's the) story of my life

This bad thing, or bad things like it, have happened to me frequently in my life. Often used humorously. A: "They decided to hire someone who has a relative in the company." B: "Story of my life, man." I can't believe another girl broke up with me because she wanted to date my friend. I swear, it's the story of my life. A: "Ew, I just swallowed a bug." B: "Story of my life."
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story of my life, the

What typically happens to me, as in I rushed through the meeting to get to the airport, and then the plane was three hours late-that's the story of my life . This hyperbolic expression is generally used ruefully to describe some mishap or misfortune. [Mid-1900s]
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it's the story of my life

If you say that something is the story of your life, you mean that something bad keeps happening to you. `We're making fools of ourselves,' Rachel said. `That's the story of my life,' Neil said. Note: This expression is used humorously.
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it's (or that's) the story of my life

used to lament the fact that a particular misfortune has happened too often in your experience. informal
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that’s the ˌstory of my ˈlife

(informal) used for saying that something that happens to you or to another person is typical of the bad luck you always have: ‘I meet somebody I really like and she tells me she’s married. That’s the story of my life!’
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Taylor points to the anticipated release of Pimp: The Story of My Life, a film version of Iceberg Slims autobiography produced by and starring Ice Cube.
We did the first record not as a beginning, but as an ending," Thomas said of Pere Ubu's 1978 The Modern Dance, in the most moving words I've ever read in a press release - it was for Pere Ubu's 1993 Story of My Life, a record that ends with "Last Will and Testament.
Published in 1967, Pimp: The Story of My Life was the first-person account of Robert Beck's 30-year-career in the street flesh trade.