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1. A comedian who plays the object of another's jokes, ridicule, or slapstick. I don't mind playing the stooge, so long as the audience laughs. But I am a little sick of all these pies in my face!
2. Someone who is manipulated or paid to do the bidding of a higher power or authority. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. The inspector was suspected of being nothing but a stooge of the company after he submitted positive reports that ignored serious safety issues.
3. A criminal who is paid as a police informant. The term is a portmanteau of "stool pigeon," which originates from a hunting decoy involving a fake pigeon fastened to a stool in order to lure other birds for hunters. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I'd say he was probably killed by the gang. It had become well-known that he was a stooge for the police for the last few years.

Three Stooges

Three people who are, or are prone to, acting stupidly. A reference to the Three Stooges, a trio popular in the early-20th century for their slapstick comedy. A: "My brother has his two friends over, so let's go upstairs." B: "Sure. What are the Three Stooges up to today?" A: "Last I saw, they were wrestling each other in the living room." I'm not surprised to hear that those Three Stooges messed up the account.
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1. n. someone’s pawn; someone controlled or maneuvered by someone else. The guy’s a stooge for the mob’s Mr. Gutman. Ignore him.
2. in. to work as someone’s underling; to serve as someone’s pawn. You will do what I tell you, and if it’s stooging you will do it, and you will smile and say thank you.
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The Three Stooges, revived after a fashion in the new Farrelly Brothers movie of the same title, embody a particular sort of non-Jewish stereotype, which is to saythey're idiots.
Call your husband or wife, and ask, casually, "Oh, honey, just who is your favorite Stooge?" You should probably not be drinking any alcoholic beverage while asking the question, since the answer will probably be, "I think you've had enough to drink." Trust me.
He s working on some ideas that the Ashetons cooked up shortly before Ron s death -- including one song about the Three Stooges -- while Williamson, who has resumed his music career after retiring from an executive position with Sony Electronics, "is already on me like a greased cat.
A Secretary of the Interior once accused a director of the American Forestry and Association of being a "stooge of the lumber interests." Harsh words, but AFA fought this kind of image for a long time until both sides agreed on an amiable divorce.
'What a political comedown - from expecting to kick 'DAP stooge Mahathir' out as prime minister to 'working to keep Mahathir for the full term.
She added: "If Ruth Davidson is prepared to stand up in this chamber and somehow argue that that is a good deal for Scotland, then she is even more of a party stooge for her Westminster masters than I thought she was."
But we know that he is a Congress stooge. He is out of jail and licking the feet of the Congress," Mulayam told SP workers at a party function.
Washington [U.S.A.] Sept 17 ( ANI ): Dreaded terrorist Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is trying his hands in politics and has put his stooge in an election fray in Pakistan.
One fine Stooge; Larry Fine's frizzy life in pictures; an authorized biography.
Lim had claimed Najib was no stranger to manufacturing lies and falsehoods, as he said Umno had previously accused Dr Mahathir of being Lim's stooge while MCA and Gerakan had accused Lim of being Dr Mahathir's puppet.
Lesser known is the short film he wrote called The Stooge, currently in pre-production in Los Angeles, California.
Stooge!, a three-month festival at the Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, promises to contain some of the most inventive theatre from across the country.
Haleem Adil said Bilawal is defected and his stooges are rejected, who have already ruined Sindh.
He said the police was acting like "stooges of the state government".
If you like Larry, Curly and Moe, then "Stoogefest 2018: The Three Stooges Live Vegas Show!" might be for you.