stone the crows

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stone the crows

An exclamation of surprise. Well, stone the crows! I never thought I'd see him walk through those doors again.
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stone the crows!

An expression of shock or surprise at or about something. Primarily heard in UK. Well, stone the crows! I never thought I'd see you around these parts again! Stone the crows, the kids are actually playing together quietly for once!
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ˌstone the ˈcrows


ˌstone ˈme

(old-fashioned, British English) used to express surprise, shock, anger, etc: Stone the crows! You’re not going out dressed like that, are you?
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"Yes," says Barney, resuming his place in the spotlight, "You'll be surprised to hear that the saying stone the crows originated from this very place, not as earlier thought from America or England.
After Stone The Crows split up Maggie had a successful solo career.
Trower, however, moved on after the first five albums and for a while fronted a band called Jade which feature Frankie Miller (vocals), Clive Bunker (later of Jethro Tull on drums) and longtime Trower sideman, James Dewar (of Stone The Crows) on bass.
STONE THE CROWS: Paolo Di Canio says critics of his Black Cars regime are like 'crows'
2: Stone the Crows - it's beauty queen Fran Murphy dressed as a scarecrow to protect her prize-winning veg and flowers.
He travelled to the city, signed the group on the spot and renamed them Stone The Crows.
STONE the crows - this could well be the most extraordinary press release of all time.
Musical numbers: "Prologue," "Any Dream Will Do," "Jacob & Sons/Joseph's Coat," "Joseph's Dreams," "Poor, Poor Joseph," "One More Angel in Heaven," "Potiphar," "Close Every Door," "Go, Go, Go Joseph," "Pharaoh's Story," "Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King," "Pharaoh's Dream Explained," "Stone the Crows," "King of My Heart," "Those Canaan Days," "The Brothers Came to Egypt/Grovel Grovel," "Who's the Thief," "Benjamin Calypso," "Joseph All the Time," "Jacob in Egypt," "Any Dream Will Do," "Close Every Door," "Joseph Megamix."
There's a touch of country in One More Angel in Heaven, French chanson in Those Canaan Days, West Indian in Benjamin Calypso and rock 'n' roll in Stone the Crows.
So, pack a healthy sarnie this summer, and turn back time as you eata Stone the crows!: Sharon Stone is officially Hollywood's most age-defying star.
As director of Stone the Crows! (designers and distributors of decorative home accessories), Philippa has been a formidable force in the gift industry, whilst championing the needs of British business in a political arena.
Was the first person to say: "Stone the crows" planning to do just that?
STONE THE CROWS - STONE THE CROWS / ODE TO JOHN LAW / TEENAGE LICKS / ONTIN-UOUS PERFORMANCE (ANGEL AIR) Stone The Crows were amongst the top British bands of the early Seventies and boasted two fine vocalists in Maggie Bell and Colin Allen.
Les Harvey, brother of Scottish rocker Alex, was on stage with Stone the Crows on a rainy night when puddles appeared on the stage.