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silk-stocking district

A section of a city that is dominated by the upper-class. Even if you had the money, you wouldn't want to live in a silk-stocking district—you'd be totally subject to the whims of your wealthy neighbors.
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in (one's) stocking(ed) feet

Wearing only one's socks or stockings, but not one's shoes. I had just run out to grab the newspaper, but the door locked behind me. Now I'm stuck outside in my stockinged feet!
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stock (someone or something) up (with something)

To furnish someone, something, or someplace with supplies (of something). We stocked the house up with food, so you should have plenty to eat while we're gone. The kitchen is running low on a few things, but Brady's coming round to stock us up tomorrow.
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stock up on (something)

To gather, build up, or hoard a supply of something. We stocked up on bottled water and canned goods, so we should be fine during the storm. Don't worry, I've been stocking up on fuel for the past three years for just such an occasion.
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stocking feet

Wearing socks or stockings, but not shoes, as in I got locked out of the house in my stocking feet. [First half of 1800s]
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in your ˌstocking(ed) ˈfeet

(old-fashioned) wearing socks or stockings but not shoes: Our feet were too sore to put into shoes, so we walked home in our stockinged feet.
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n. a small gift that is suitable for putting inside a Christmas stocking. I got some little stocking-stuffers for the kids.
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Of course, stockings dont have to be filled with food.
By 1883, about 240 workers produced woolen and cotton stockings for adults and children.
Additionally, the Reed Specialty Medical Stockings offers more effective and thorough protection than knee-high stockings currently being sold.
Fred Wyrley-Birch, a specialist at the auction house, said: "When I was shown the stockings by the current owner, I was immediately reminded of a scene in the film "The Young Victoria", where Prince Albert knelt at Queen Victoria's feet and rolled her silk stockings up her legs.
The stockings are being sold by a private who inherited them from an aunt, who was a collector of such things.
A People who have had a DVT are told to wear compression stockings for 12 months but this may not be long enough.
Tenders are invited 4 framework agreements on the supply of anti-thrombosis stockings, divided into the following product groups:
We'd each get $20 to spend, and the stockings would be filled.
Filled stockings must be returned to the funeral home by 5 p.
Critique: Ideal for both novice and experienced needlecrafters alike, "Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree: Stockings, Ornaments, Garlands, and More" is a wonderfully illustrated compendium of ideas and instructions for employing crocheting skills in creating all manner of memorable Christmas Season decorations.
Fuse the corresponding fleece stockings to the outer-fabric stocking wrong sides, following the manufacturer's instructions.
Now in an expanded second edition, this 136 page compendium is packed with nineteen thoroughly 'user friendly' knitting patterns for creating Christmas theme ornaments and stockings.
By employing so-called "anti-pervert" stockings meant to simulate the appearance of extremely hairy legs, the women reportedly hope to stave off unwanted male attention.
Method: Cut the felt into two stockings with pinking shears.