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(2) This is largely due to the foresight and vision of pioneers in this field like David Warfield Stires and Dr.
Effective 27 February 2017, Stires reports to the company's vice president of Central Region, Steve Reyes.
Pastor Stires commented that he was extremely pleased with the turnout and show of support.
Stires, John Sensenig & Janet Shaban, The Attractiveness of an Eliminated Choice Alternative, 2 J.
in the midst of a massive merger wave...."); Peter Skarzynski, When Mega* Mergers Don't Make Sense, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, June 1, 2000, at 40 ("The wave of merger mania that's been going strong for several years now...."); David Stires, Riding The Buyout Wave, FORTUNE, Dec.
Woodward (806) 795-6835 USS Quincy CA-39: "Zeke" & Barbara Stires (941) 377-4464; e-mail: USS Raleigh CL7 (and all hands of later ships named "Raleigh"): John R.
And my field superintendent, Larry Stires, and the employees he manages are willing to humor me.
The evidence for the reality of UFO abductions is exceedingly poor and alternate explanations have been offered (Baker, 1992a, 1992b; Klass, 1993; Reisner, 1993; Sagan, 1993; Stires, 1993).
JUNCTION CITY - Hazel Ellen Stires of Junction City died Jan.
Botryllus schlosseri is a geographically wide-spread species (Grosberg, 1988), so colonies experience a wide range of temperature regimes during the reproductive season (e.g., Yund and Stires, 2002).
Stires - Hazel Stires, 94, of Junction City, died Jan.