Stick 'em up!

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Stick 'em up!

Put your hands in the air and don't move! (Usually said by someone with a gun during a robbery or arrest.) Stick 'em up, Johnson! I've got you in my sights, and I'm not afraid to put you down if you won't come into custody quietly. The man barged into the bank with a shotgun and told everyone to stick 'em up.
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stick 'em up!

hands up! (said typically by a person threatening someone else with a gun). informal
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ˌstick ’em ˈup!

(spoken) used to tell somebody to put their hands above their head when you are pointing a gun at them: This is a robbery! Stick ’em up!
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Stick ’em up!

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THE Clap Town Kids and the Stick 'Em Up Krew are just two of the new gangs emerging to terrorise London estates.
As well as the Stick 'Em Up Krew, the gang's bitter rivals are The Peel Dem Crew - who write songs glamorising gun violence - and Peckham's Blood Set, a splinter group of the Peckham Boys who are notorious for "ride-by" stabbings.
ILLEGAL gun owners can stick 'em up and give 'em up for the month-long firearms amnesty, which starts next Monday, March 31.
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